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ITCA Santa Tecla , NEC and CCI Exposition Activity

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On Friday April 29th, CCI -NEC organized an exposition activity with English students, topics among Technology, Tourism, Food and Global issues were exposed.

Preparation of the exposition began few days ago when teacher announces the students activity.

Students were led to the Computer Lab to research on line and make annotations, the following day students and teacher collaborate to bring material in classroom and build a collage.

Once students got ready, they showed up at the Auditorium of Building A inside ITCA-FEPADE facilities Santa Tecla and display the work done.

Students enjoyed Activity, it was an amazing chance they had to show their language proficiency learned at ITCA .

NEC-CCI Coordinator Lic Karla Ferrer was announcing the launch of TOEIC preparation Courses and Tests for students who are getting graduate soon.

CCI-NEC Manager Licenciada Carmen Maron showed up in the activity to congratulate English students achievements and offer them other chances once they get graduated.

Licenciada Carmen Maron officialy announced French Classes at ITCA next month.

One of the presentation students made about tourism can be downloaded here. Tourism

Thanks to Lic Sandra Interiano and Lic Sandra Aguilar too.


Sandra Aguilar and Sandra Interiano

Enjoy pictures and thanks ITCA-FEPADE for partnering this type of activities.



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One thought on “ITCA Santa Tecla , NEC and CCI Exposition Activity

  1. Well done, Mr. González!

    Posted by Maika | May 3, 2015, 12:02 pm

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