Advanced Morning

Welcome on board , Karla,Lidia,Ana Maria,Elizabeth,Astrid,Cesar,Jorge,Gerardo,Diego,Jose.

Get ready for bigger things .

Teacher .



13 thoughts on “Advanced Morning

  1. A very nice group, hoping to finish with them!!

    Posted by George | July 15, 2015, 8:37 am
  2. Its a beautifull and nice group , All the morning is very funny this english class.

    Posted by karla | July 15, 2015, 8:39 am
  3. I think the expositions of that day were excelent. The idea was exposed only for 2 minutes but all the students spoke more than necesary time.

    P.D. Nice pictures of a great group!!!

    Posted by Diego | July 15, 2015, 8:41 am
  4. I really appreciate this class, Now I have increased my vocabulary, the classes are interactives.

    Posted by Ana Ramírez | July 15, 2015, 8:41 am
  5. I like the photos 🙂
    i like the class because is very interesting and necessary for me!
    I love you guys :*

    Posted by Lidia | July 15, 2015, 8:42 am
  6. the class is really good, because is participatory and entertaining. we practice our english doing exposicion and listening music etc.

    Posted by Lizz | July 15, 2015, 8:43 am
  7. A bunch of intelligent students

    Posted by Gerardo | July 15, 2015, 8:43 am
  8. A nice grup with the best classmates

    Posted by Cesar Paiz | July 15, 2015, 8:44 am
  9. 1-)She did not always lived on Mango Street, the house was small red, small windows
    Bricks are crumbling, the doors were useless.she and her family moved there thinking the house would be different,
    2-)All In her family have different hair all are different in her family.
    3-)in Spanish means too many letters means sadness wait, It was the name of her great-grandmother.
    4-)Her house is like cat heaven.Cathy’s father will have to fly to France .
    5-)she doesnt have any friends except cathy
    8-)Cathy’s father built the house meme,Meme Ortiz moved into Cathy’s house after her family moved away.
    10-) marin has a boyfriend in puerto rico , she did not want to apply for a job,but saves money, selling avon
    marin could get along with hope.

    Posted by karla | July 20, 2015, 10:04 pm
  10. 1. She, Esperanza, feels like a person that doesn´t have much that can offer, she feels depressed or disappointing for her house, she is unsure of herself.
    2. Esperanzas’ has a trouble family with differences, each ones has different behaviors but they always are a family.
    3. Because her name express sadness or waiting either in good or bad way. Maybe Cisneros chose that name because she had was passing a bad situation and she had hope that at the end all had a happy ending.
    4. When Cathy said that she and her family had to move, Esperanza thought that she would be alone because her unique friend was going to move.
    Cathy and her family wanted to leave her neighborhood because her father will fly to France but she before said that the neighborhood was getting bad.
    5. In this part of her life she wants to have friend no matter what, because her sister isn’t her friend she just is her responsibility, so Esperanza wants someone who can share time with and tell her secrets. She feels better with friends older than her.
    6. Esperanza and Nenny aren´t similar physically but their laughters are almost similar and they almost think the same at the same time.
    7. Esperanza thought that the box had flowers, a box with music and a ballerina but the box had old records with holes. So she turned fast for not being seen for Nenny, because Esperanza had a stupid face when she disappointed of the box also she is interesting in emotional and special things. Nenny’s interest is in valuable things.
    8. The neighborhoods receive theirs news residents like they were friends since long time ago.
    9. Esperanza compares natural things with actions that occurred. In Spanish are known like imagery.
    10. Marin is older than Esperanza. Marin has a boyfriend and he lives in Puerto Rico. Marin is saving money because she has the dream of get married with him. But she had a bad behavior, she smokes and she tells to Esperanza things not convenience for her edge.
    Marin isn’t the correct model of friend, maybe she can lead to Esperanza to poor life expectancy.

    Posted by Ana María | July 20, 2015, 10:27 pm
  11. 1. Esperanza Cordero and her family had been lived with her family in different places, the common thing in all of them is that all they are ugly an inappropriate places, because the physical conditions, certainly were terrible. The last place was a house in Mango Street (wasn’t the house of her dreams). About Esperanza’s identity could mention the community belong sense.

    2. All family members have different characteristics about their hair, the diversity is being bind for the mother, she is the family’s heart, because with her warm hair, literally light the familiar life. She always helps other family members and makes feel save them.

    3. Because her name is in Spanish language… that’s the reason why her classmates can’t pronounce right her name. But exist other strong reason, her name is the same of her great-grandmother’s name and she never made completely her life goals. And Esperanza hope has different life results.

    I think Sandra Cisneros chose like name of her character “Esperanza”, because in Spanish means something like “expectation”, in a good way.

    4. Cathy’s family want to move of Mango Street because people like Esperanza’s family arrive more and more to that place, and those people don’t like that… and they said hope an inherit and move to France.

    For Esperanza the meaning is people like herself and her family aren’t welcome for people like Cathy’s family.

    5. Esperanza’s friendship is based on an innocent sense of like people without put importance in people appearance. I could say is a true friendship. Is a very different case with Cathy, she discriminate other people for their appearance. Her new friends, Lucy and Rachel, show their friendship sharing and riding together a bike.

    Esperanza fits in a good way in that crowd, but in my opinion she doesn’t care much the “social hierarchy”, contrary to Cathy.

    6. A common trait between Esperanza and Nenny is their smile, noisy and strong. And both think in their mind similar things, like when Esperanza thought about a house “I had seen in Mexico” and Nenny thought the same.

    Esperanza thinks she doesn’t look similar to her sister in the physic appearance.

    7. Esperanza, that thinks the music box is beautiful, with a ballerina but the box that Gil shows is an old wood box. She was ashamed because the box is ugly and dirty and Nenny had interest in that box!

    Esperanza’s reaction is so different to Nenny’s that she turns around and walks to other side. For me the reaction of both girls have a meaning: Nenny is a little conformist and Esperanza wants better things… Why not? Could be in the future the difference in their life goals…

    Esperanza wants to be herself!

    8. They coexist naturally like a community, they frequently receive new people. For example when Meme arrived, a new neighbor that lives in Cathy’s ancient house, he adapted quick and played with the girls like any common children.

    9. Sandra Cisnero’s writing style is pretty rich because the similes used give more narrative resources and author’s creativity produce on readers imaginative stimulus. She changes the common descriptions and make them enrich with metaphors.

    10. In my opinion Marin dreams with the three things (sex, romance and love) because she’s thinking in a wedding with her boyfriend, and something with much importance like a wedding has the three things.

    Marin says if she won’t travel to Puerto Rico she will look for a formal job on U.S. … and if is possible finds a new boyfriend.

    Esperanza’s position over Marin is something similar like student-teacher relationship, Esperanza wants to learn Marin things; she looks a little bit like someone admirable for Esperanza’s eyes.

    I think Esperanza could have Marin like a model because she is older and (in Esperanza’s opinion), she knows a lot of things. Possibly Marin isn’t the best model for younger girls, that’s the reason why Louie parent’s are thinking to send back Marin to Puerto Rico.

    Posted by Diego | July 21, 2015, 4:03 pm
  12. 1- Before They lived in Loomis and when they began to have problems in their house , they decided to move and live in Mango Street .

    They are six : mom , dad, carlos . Kiky , her sister Nenny and hope.

    In Loomis they had problems with the house .
    In Mango Street the house is small and the color red , with small windows and they do not have a front yard and blunt share : mom and dad , carlos and kiky , nenny and hope.

    2.The mother because Esperanza says that the smell of the mother’s hair is very nice and they feel safe with she.

    3-She find shameful in her name because at school the boys laughed when she said her name.

    And cisnero chose this name , maybe for the meaning.

    But the esperanza’s life is different and she did not want to be like her grandmother.

    4.Because Cathy’s father need travel to France and his family too, she maybe think that she will be alone becasue just cathy is her friend.

    5.She has no friends only cathy, but cathy is your friend until thursday and Cathy didn’t like the younger guys .

    6.Physically they do not have anything similar , but in laughter and the way of thinking are similar .

    7.When esperanza listened about the music box she imagine a lot of things, but then she felt ashamed . But nenny think the same to esperanza, and she knew that esperanza wanted the box and she ask about the Price for to bought.

    8.The relationship between residents is good and did the Tarzan Jump First Annual Competition .

    9.When Esperanza used a phrases like “the nose of that yellow Cadillac was all pleated like an alligator’s” and the “ice cream bells’ giggle” or laughter “like a pile of dishes breaking” she tries to relate with similar things and I think that she is very imaginative.

    10.Marin think in the love and romance. The objetive of Marin is if she stays one year more she wantsto find a good job.

    Esperanza think that Marin know a lot of things because Marin is older than esperanza.

    Marin isn’t a good model to esperanza because the marin’s behavior is bad.

    Posted by liiziee | July 21, 2015, 8:55 pm
  13. 1. The house on Mango Street is not the best to live, but is Cordero’s family property. Esperanza conveys her identity because, really she doesn’t matter the house conditions, for the girl is not important the red walls, front stairs or the little windows. She has other goals.

    2. Esperanza wants to show with the different kind of hair, the differences in all family members, but the familiar union exists.

    3. She feels shameful because the meaning of her name is about hope something, and Esperanza’s thinking is so different, she likes achieve her goals. Cisneros choose that name by the same reason, probably in her life she feels like Esperanza.

    4. Cathy’s family doesn’t like that neighborhood by the neighbors. And the say want to move to France to live there.

    5. Esperanza doesn’t have friends, only Cathy, but she want and need other friends because she wants to share and express her feelings to other people.

    6. They both look different but deep in their minds the sisters think similar, is like they are connected in their heads.

    7. Nenny is a little naive and she was happy with material things, and looks stupid. But in other way Esperanza wants to separate herself of that kind of behavior, because she has other kinds of goals, those are the way that she separates of her family.

    8. Mango Street residents receive new neighbors in a friendly way, to they is not important the condition or people’s origin

    9. Esperanza use poetic words to describe the situations, the similes give a different and unique tone through the history.

    10. Marin is not the best example for Esperanza, because she want an easy way to gets her goals like have a house. Esperanza wants to know more of Marin because she thinks Marin has more experience and is a model.

    Posted by Astrid Amaya | July 21, 2015, 10:09 pm

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