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Rainy Days and Mondays

IwoJima Battle


Rainy Days and Mondays

Ed Sheran-John Legend



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  1. Answers

    1. It is very different, it is smaller, has a different color, it does not have a basement not even “real stairs’’ and is very old.
    3. That the meaning of her name does not match with her because it was her great grandmother’s name and she was not really happy. It means a hope that she kind of hates or has never felt it. And maybe that is the reason why Cisneros chose this name because she can be a hope for the others.
    4. Because Cathy’s father is going to inherit the family house and that means that Esperanza is going to be alone.
    5. Her friendships are based in pure instinct of not being alone and money. Her friends mean to her some companionship.
    6. The laughter is the same it is sounds like a pile of dishes breaking and a similar way of thinking. But they have different personalities.
    7. The sound the box, she is ashamed of wanting it because she did not want to look stupid. The Esperanza’s reaction was like I don’t care and Nenny’s reaction was I want it right now this shows the difference between them because Esperanza is introvert and Nenny is extrovert.
    8. They introduce themselves with the new ones and make funny contests like the First Annual Tarzan Jumping Contest.
    10. Marin dreams about romance and love, her goals are getting married and getting a a job downtown. Esperanza’s opinion about Marin is that she is beautiful, enjoyable and very interesting woman. Marin might not be a role model for Esperanza because she wants someone who change her life and Esperanza want to do it for herself.

    Posted by Gerardo | July 21, 2015, 3:14 pm

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