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CCI-NEC Exposition

Teacher Edwin Cubias developed and Activity with his students , every student exposes about different types of cancer , students enjoyed and got engaged with English language acquisition process , at the same time , other teachers joined in the classroom with other students to get more approach with English . Congrats for perform such … Continue reading

Graduation Ceremony CCI-NEC,July 2015

Official ceremony on Friday 10th , Students enjoyed this special moment with ITCA Authorities , close Friends and family . ITCA  wants to tell you : CONGRATULATIONS . Do you want to watch the brief speech of a former student ? Please go to ;

Graduation Photo Session

On July 3rd , there was a photo session for Newspaper prior to the Official Ceremony of NEC – CCI students . Students enjoyed this memorable moment before the oficial ceremony . All students looked pretty , fancy , nice and incredible . Please remember the Oficial Ceremony will be on July 10th , we beg for … Continue reading

ITCA Santa Tecla , NEC and CCI Exposition Activity

On Friday April 29th, CCI -NEC organized an exposition activity with English students, topics among Technology, Tourism, Food and Global issues were exposed. Preparation of the exposition began few days ago when teacher announces the students activity. Students were led to the Computer Lab to research on line and make annotations, the following day students and teacher collaborate to bring material … Continue reading