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Saturday Morning Advanced Group

On last saturday the 12th , we had an amazing Content Based Class class with ITCA Advanced group . Students had received input before , then investigated,cooperated and contributed with printed pages to make content more comprehensible , they formed groups , discussed topic and created a collage , finally the group spokesperson made exposition … Continue reading

Is really dangerous walking and texting at the same time ?

PERSONAL TECHNOLOGY US City Bans Texting while Walking August 09, 2017 FILE- In this photo taken Wednesday, June, 29, 2010, a woman text messages while walking across the street in San Francisco. Beginning on October 24, you could be fined from $15 to $99 if you step into a Honolulu street while looking at your … Continue reading

Around USA Pics


ITCA – FEPADE : English Class and Content Based Instruction

Expositions – English Class

ITCA Santa Continue reading

Graduation Photo Session

On July 3rd , there was a photo session for Newspaper prior to the Official Ceremony of NEC – CCI students . Students enjoyed this memorable moment before the oficial ceremony . All students looked pretty , fancy , nice and incredible . Please remember the Oficial Ceremony will be on July 10th , we beg for … Continue reading

History of Distance Education

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The “History of Distance Education” infographic shows the importance of distance education throughout history. Learn how StraighterLine is a part of that revolution.

ITCA , CCI – NEC Technology Standards

  ¨ Computers will not replace teachers. However, teachers who use computers will replace teachers who don’t ¨. Ray Clifford, Defense Language Institute On Friday 15th , A group of CCI-NEC teachers met at ITCA Santa Tecla facilities La Estancia . the purpose was introduce them more and more in Technology for teaching English , teachers discussed among them some … Continue reading


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Something to think about when we discuss immigration in our communities…  http://americasvoice.org/blog/in-heartbreaking-video-deported-moms-allowed-to-briefly-hug-their-children-at-border-gate/

Technology Standards for Language Teachers

Hello Teachers . This is probably what we had been looking for , information was taken from broadyesl.wordpress.com , the authors of the complete documents is explicitly shown . The document starts based on lot of research , every goal has standards and vignettes . Please share with all Teachers Community . Goal 1. Language teachers acquire and … Continue reading