Carlos Dada Cabot Prize Class

Hi Students ., Feel proud of your learning and about El Salvador .

Rodrigo , Dinora, Kevin Oliva , Kevin Lopez , Miriam , Hilda , Gaby , Andrea , Erick , Mauricio , Robert , Rafael , Manuel , Evelin , Jessica and Cesar , Welcome Everyone .

Intermediate English Class at ITCA with Teacher Moises Gonzalez .
Students are producing English language based in content, content was about Maria Moors Cabot Prize , this was honored to Carlos Dada in a special Ceremony on Wednesday,October 26th ,2011 ,He  is  an outstanding journalist in El Salvador and Founder of elfaro.net . El Faro is a newspaper online .
Students have received the input about information ( Building Background ) Images printed were posted in the board and a briefly explanation was given by the Teacher( Lesson Delivery ),students were requested to provide their understanding about the content in consideration (Building Background) , then a sheet with the content about Columbia University and its prize given to Carlos Dada was delivered to them, after that the class was splited in groups and roles were assigned  ( Leader, Spokesperson, Vocabulary observer and Note taker).
Once  students were very familiar with the content , materials were given to them as a group to produce a wall ,(copies,markers,scissors,glue,color sheets,etc )
This pictures show their walls production ,  besides that , Salvadorians feel very proud of have people as Carlos Dada .
Class developed in the morning of November 12 th , 2011 at ITCA Santa Tecla , El Salvador . Classroom  L307 with a total of 18 students .
Do you want to see more ? , Please go to you tube under ” itca english class ” search or @englishgoes1 on twitter .
Thank you for watch this pictures , please share to your friends and let them know how ITCA students are being tauhgt in English Language .


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