Paseo El Carmen

Neo-classical architecture

Santa Tecla is a municipality in the La Libertad department of El Salvador. It is the capital of the department of La Libertad
Paseo El Carmen is a stunning new attraction at the historic city of Santa Tecla, at La Libertad. Here visitors can enjoy the architectural legacy of this city that was the Salvadoran capital for a few years.

Paseo El Carmen is located along 1st West Street and its full of restaurants, bars, cafés and shops. The main attraction at this site is the majestic church of El Carmen, a temple constructed in the eighteenth century and that is still standing despite the continuous earthquakes and extreme weather that has endured. Local tourists wanting to relive the beauty of the old El Salvador visit this destination.

Selling ” Punches ” .

Punches is a blend of ” Atole “( Milk,eggs,species) with different flavors of fruits fermented . ( converting sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol with yeast ) . You should taste it , is delicious.

Paseo El Carmen also shows new design trends as well as vernacular influences.

Paseo El Carmen comes alive in the afternoon and at night and it is a perfect place to walk and relax in safe environment. On weekends there are the occasional festivals where locals offer special food and articles to visitors. They place their little stands on the sidewalk or on the main street. Several musical rhythms sound as well. There are also displays of paintings and other art forms.

Inside municipal palace picture



One thought on “Paseo El Carmen

  1. Interesting briefing on this relatively new opportunity to enjoy cultural legacy in a safe social environment. I look forward to witness the expansion of the site along with more positive commerce impact for ‘Tecleños’ specially. Good review English goes!

    Posted by Fher | September 30, 2012, 9:25 pm

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