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  1. BLOOM’S TAXONOMY APPLIED ON ”Contributions of immigrants to the U.S.” ARTICLE.

    KNOWLEDGE. Is about what immigrants have done or are still doing,how they contributes to build this nation

    Posted by Cinthya Mejia | June 19, 2011, 12:40 am
  2. BLOOM’S TAXONOMY APPLIED ON ”Contributions of immigrants to the U.S.” ARTICLE.

    KNOWLEDGE. Is about how immigrants, both legal and illegal contributes to keep building this nation and how the Latinamerican immigration plays a significant role in economic and non-economic ways for the american devolpment as a nation.

    COMPREHENSION. This article describes why latinamerican immigrants goes to the U.S.A. for a better life and at the same time how they contributes in different ways to the development of this nation.

    APPLICATION. In our society because everyday there is a lot ofpeople who leaves their countriesseeking a better opportunities and a better life.

    ANALYSIS. Is one of the most common ways to increase their opportunities to get a better life.


    EVALUATION. Immigration can be good and bad, at one side it contributes into many ways to make this country even bigger day by day and by the other side most of illegals risk their lives and also theres a lot of immigrants involved in delinquency.

    Posted by Cesar Herrera | June 19, 2011, 6:02 am
  3. Bloom´s Taxonomy
    Contributions on Immigrants to the U.S

    This article is about legal immigrants and illegal immigrants, where they are a source of work for the U.S. economy.

    About the article is determined that legal immigrants and illegal immigrants seeking a better quality of life in terms of economics and welfare of their families to keep their families and in many underdeveloped countries cannot have a better quality of life.

    People go to the U.S. and who want to improve their economic status and to support their families out of poverty, where they live, to support their families and their children can complete their studies in schools, colleges and universities.

    Can be categorized as an opportunity to have a better life working from an office to a career or have a senior position to help sustain their families and also see the possibilities of living in a country without corruption and high crime.

    I would suggest that if there is a greater demand for Latino people in the U.S., you can make a Temporary Job and avoid or decrease the deportation of people who are looking for Latin American economic well-being or a document that support people who have entered the country illegally and your goal is to have a better life and their families have few economic resources.

    Many people travel to have a better economic status, but are affected by deportation for not having legal documents. People who emigrate to the United States have so many negative emotions of uncertainty and yet also called the “American dream” and are frustrated by laws that have that country. It is best to have a program for people who want to work with a contract for an acceptable period.

    Posted by Andrea L. Martínez Abarca | June 19, 2011, 7:35 am

    WHAT WAS THE PINEAPPLE OPERATION? It was the planand the list with the items they needed to kill archbishop Romero.

    WHO IS CARLOS DADA? Is a salvadorean periodist who has dedicated part of his life to investigate the death of archbishop Romero.

    WHAT WAS ALVARO SARAVIA’S ROLE IN ROMERO’S MURDER? He was the man who directed the murderer plan against Romero.

    WHERE IS ALVARO SARAVIA NOW? He lives in a spanish speaking country.

    WHY DOES THE ARTICLE TALKS ABOUT A VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT? Because it was the car they used to commit the crime.

    WHO IS AMADO GARAY? He was the chauffer and a former soldier.

    WHERE IS AMADO GARAY NAW? He lives in the U.S. under the witness protection.


    HOW DID OSCAR ROMERO DIE? By a snipers shot in the heart during a mass.

    WHY DID ALVARO SARAVIA ESCAPE FROM U.S.? Because was find guilty of murdering archishop Romero and ordered to pay $ 10 million to his relatives.

    WHO WAS THE SNIPER OF ROMERO? A former national guardsman and member of Mario Molinas’s security.

    WHERE WAS ARCHBISHOP AT THE TIME OF HIS MURDER? At a mass in church of Divine Providence.

    WHERE WAS ALVARO SARAVIA AT THE TIME OF ARCHBISHOP’S ASSESSINATION? In a car at one side of the church with Sagrera and Montenegro.

    ALVARO SARAVIA HAS DECIDED TO TALK NOW, CAN YOU EXPLAIN WHY HE TALKS NOW AFTER 30 YEARS? He said because of his children, because even they look at him as if he was Hitler. I also think that he feels weak and the pain for being hated by his own family and impotence by the situation he is living today because of all this.

    WHAT IS THE ROLE OF A DODGE LANCER IN THE ARTICLE? It was the car used by Saravia, Sagrera and Montenegro to see when Romero been killed.

    DID ROMERO’S SNIPER RECEIVE ANY COMPENSATION? Yes, he received 1000 colones.

    WHY DID THE LAST NAME DAGLIO MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE? Because hie is the owner of the house were Saravia coordinated the delivery of the car from which Romero will be shot.

    WHO IS GABRIEL ”BIBI” MONTENEGRO? Is the man who drove Saravia and Sagrera to the Hotel Camino Real parking lot and to the church of Divine Providence.

    Posted by Cesar Herrera | June 26, 2011, 12:52 am

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