Saturday Afternoon Class

Romero Iwo Jima misssing words TP Visit Jaime Escalante in VOA

Welcome Everyone .
Cristina,Yotsssy,Marielos,Deysi,Angie,Diego,Bruce and Jennifer went over Teleperformance facilities on Saturday 10th .
As part of their language acquisition process a visit was organized to get involved with the closest rela world of english.
Please students , go ahead with your comments about your visit to Teleperformance .


16 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Class

  1. Hi teacher!!!…. my blog is yotssy.wordpress.com

    Posted by yotssy | October 5, 2012, 11:22 pm
  2. yesterday was the best day ever , we went to know teleperformance i like the place (i want to work there) the place is very interesting , the people very friendly ………… i think that it gets better every Saturday i love english

    Posted by diegoalexo21 | November 11, 2012, 3:03 pm
  3. Teleperformance Company…
    On November Saturday 10TH, 2012, I went with Mr. Gonzalez’s group, he is English teacher of basic three, we visited the Teleperformance company, this company in 1978, David Julien, created this company, in Paris, it’s the number 1 in the world, It’s the worldwide leading, has been serving companies around the world, giving results in their customer care, technical support.
    The description of the building located in Santa Tecla, around the corner at ITCA, It’s front the gas station Texaco, in the first level is the reception, cafeteria, games for employees to relax in your free time, on the second level is the Western Union Company, the third level in the call center for reservations of differents hotels, and the fourth level is being built for a new company.
    This tour serves as motivation for me and my colleagues, to continue learning English.
    People were nice to us; Fernando Gonzalez welcomed us and showed us the place.
    Thank you very much Teacher for the oportunity

    Posted by marielosvalladares2012 | November 11, 2012, 10:33 pm
  4. It was great to have you within our Premises. See you soon!

    Posted by Fher | November 12, 2012, 6:29 pm
  5. Hi everybody, the last Saturday we visit the building of teleperformance, was a great experience the people was very friendly. Mister Fernando Gonzales tells us all the information of the personal and the activities in the day. There are a lot of work and opportunities in this place, Teacheeeeer thank you for think in big about us!!!!!!

    Posted by YOTSSY | November 13, 2012, 9:44 am
  6. Greetings, the last saturday we went with my english class to teleperformance. The professor introduced us to Mr. Fernando Gonzalez, we he gave a tours for the building. On the first level are area where can leave your resume, lockers and cafeteria: where there is comfort area, machines, game table. And we talk with Hector the security of place. On the second level, is costumer service of Western Union, we talk with manager Carlos Menjivar, and he told us working nine hours a day, and two years of manager. After, we saw a mural of teleperformance history, Daniel Julien created teleperformance in Paris at 1978. In El Salvador, opened in 2011, 1,500 employees. On the third level, talk with Veronica Guzman agent of hotels with her team they make reservation in United States and America. The fourth level in remodelation.
    Then we returned to the cafeteria, for a snack.
    Thank You Teleperformance.

    Posted by Jennifer | November 15, 2012, 5:14 pm
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    ITCA Students at Teleperformance facilities

    Cristina Peña

    2012-11-16 20:37:52

    Went on Saturday Nov. 10th 2012 at around 4:00 pm, the group of basic English class 3 to visit the company Teleperformance, which is close to the ITCA as a 3 or 4 blocks away. We had to reception to see if we could receive.
    The guard said hopefully in a few moments we would get an engineer. So it was only waited about 5 minutes and were greeted very friendly, the engineer explained to us in a brief and concise operation of the prestigious company Teleperformance.
    We took several departments where also explained that the work is based. 2 young delegated to give us more details on what the job specifically in their areas. It is a very innovative company and feel a pleasant atmosphere. We also saw that they have a vision to move forward and grow with infrastructure and more.
    It was a very special visit thank Mr. Gonzalez for his teachings and for giving us the kind of a modern way, that way I am proud and committed to get much from me.

    Atte. Cristina Peña

    Posted by englishgoes | November 16, 2012, 11:38 pm
  8. Questions

    1. What is immigration?

    R/ immigration is the at of foreigners passing or coming into a contry for the purpose or permanent recidence

    2: which are the principals reasons of immigration?

    R/ reasons economics, politicals, family re-unification and natural disaster

    3. Which is the state of USA with more foreing born population from El Salvador?

    R/ it´s California

    4. Is the immigration negative or positive for the economy in the USA ?

    R/ economists owerwhelmingly viewed immigration includind illigal immigratin as a positive for the economy

    5: Is some immigraton for personal reason?

    R/ Yes it´s , for example based on a relationship, to be with a family or a parther , family reunification or transnational marriage

    Posted by diegoalexo21 | November 25, 2012, 11:34 am
  9. what is immigration ?
    R/ immigration is the act of foregners passing or coming into a contry for the porpuce of permanente residence .

    which are the principals reason of emmigration?
    R/ economi, political, family re- unification ,and natural disaster.

    who are the foroign born?

    R/ the term foroign born referst to people residen in the united stateson census day who are not united stated citizens at birth.

    Posted by deysi | November 27, 2012, 3:18 pm
    1. What’s the immagration? The act of foreigners passing or coming into a country for the purpose of permanent residence.

    2. Why do the people emigrate? Because, they want better living conditions, for the economy their countries, job opportunities, and for personal reason based on a relationship to be with family or partner.

    3. What’s the percent of salvadorean born in Arizona? It’s according to Census 2000, the foreign born from El Salvador represented 0.8 percent of Arizona’s total foreign-born population of 656,183.

    4. What’s the percent of salvadorean born in EEUU? It’s results from census 2000 show that there were 817,336 foreign born from El Salvador, the foreign born from El Salvador represent 2.6 percent of the United States’ total foreign- born population of 31.1 million.

    5. What are some countries for the foreign born population in EEUU? The countries are: 1- Mexico, 2- China, 3- India, 4- Philippines, 5- Vietnam, 6- El Salvador, 7- Cuba, 8- South Korea, 9- Dominican Republic, 10- Guatemala, It’s the top ten countries in 2010

    Posted by marielosvalladares2012 | November 29, 2012, 2:44 pm
  11. Hello, these are my questions about the inmigration.
    1. What is the meaning of inmigration?
    Is the act of foreigners passing or coming into a country for the purpose of permanent residence.
    2. Make a list the factors refer primarily the motive for emigration from the country of origin.
    * Find a job
    * Escape from poverty
    * Natural disasters
    * A better education
    * Wars
    * Persecution
    * Bullying
    * Oppression
    * Genocide
    * A relationship in general.
    3. Which are the barriers to inmigrants when they leave their country?
    leave their family, friends, support network and culture, they have to find a new job, where to live, new laws, new cultural norms, language.
    4. Which are the countries that emigration is ellegal?
    North Korea, Myanmar and Cuba.
    5. What includes the cost of emigration?
    The ticket price, and the implicit cost, lost work time and loss of community ties, also play a major role in the pull of emigrants away from their native country.

    Posted by Jennifer | November 29, 2012, 5:08 pm

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