Technology in Classes and Blogging

On Friday, February 27th, ITCA-FEPADE, Centro de Capacitation de Idiomas, (CCI) and National English Center (NEC) delivered a talk to teachers about use of technological resources and use of Internet at English classes.


Blogging was pointed out in the talk to show teachers how students can be more engaged and interested in English Language Acquisition.
The exposition started by recognizing the great influence English Teachers make on everyday classes.
Presentation , Blogging

Later on, a small ¨demo class¨ using the projector in a class was shown, Job Aids were delivered to introduce vocabulary and a short video was shown them as well, teachers were actively participating in the activity.

Video Activity 1.1

Vocabulary 1.1

The last part of this talk included by showing how Blogs have been influencing our society, consequently as English Teachers we cannot deny Internet and blogs are powerful tools to get English Students engaged.
CCI-NEC is highly committed to produce high performance English speakers.
We want to thank our Manager Licenciada Carmen Maron and Coordinator Licenciada Karla Ferrer for their initiative, support, commitment and leadership on this activity.

Activity could not have been possible without attendance and participation of passionate English Teachers, thank YOU teachers to make a spot in your busy agendas.
AT the end , a survey was brought to the Teachers for evaluate Moises Gonzalez facilitator . ITCA concerns about Teacher´s opinion and wants to keep on track on this activities to improve the process in nearly future .

Survey 1.3

ITCA-FEPADE Human Resources showed partnership by providing ¨La Estancia¨ inside ITCA Santa Tecla facilities to make this activity possible, Thanks Human Resources Manager Licenciada Marta Celina de Chacon and Mrs. Sonia Cajas.
Public Relations Assistant of ITCA-FEPADE Nuria Moreno showed up too, Thanks for your attendant Nuria.
You can download for free materials used on this talk .
We cannot wait for next talk.
Thanks everyone again.

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