Music-Missing Words

Creative Ideas for the Classroom

Music is an effective and enjoyable way to add some fun to your ESL classroom.

Many students like the variety and change of pace, and the repetitive nature of songs makes music a valuable educational tool for language teachers. So how can language teachers use music in the classroom when they’re not experienced with music education? You don’t have to worry about teaching any music theory, instrumental techniques, or vocal lessons. Just take advantage of music to teach language in ways that are fun and fresh using these ideas for the ESL classroom.

Fill In the Missing Lyrics
Write some popular song titles on the board and have students vote on their top five choices. Make lyric worksheets for these songs, leaving blanks for some of the words. Have your students listen to each song in class, playing the recording three times to let them fill in as many blanks as possible. Next, call on students to write the correct words for the blanks up on the board. After each word is written, ask the class if they agree or disagree with the student’s answer. If anyone disagrees, he or she writes an alternative answer on the board. Keep going until you have all the blanks filled in correctly. ( taken from busyteacher.org )

Look ahead on this tab and you will find several examples-copy and go-for busy teachers, just download the word file and print .
I hope your students and you enjoy it .
Teacher Moises .



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