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SIOP – English Through Academic Content – History

Hi , I am an English teacher and years ago since this journey began for me I have been trying to produce successful English Students, then I have been looking for resources to get better on this career , then last May of 2011 I had the chance to go to a TEFL training course which was a great experience to me and we were aware about SIOP Model ( Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol ) , study about it and provide our personal conclusions and findings , after that I was amazed about the eight SIOP components and I have been trying to learn more and apply it as well with my students .

As a typical English grammar class studying Past Tense I went through SIOP model and adapted it , I decided to choose a content and develop a class following SIOP model, the content which I have downloaded from VOA web site and began to work from that point , I got audio mp3 file as to be listening activity and Prepare and Deliver the lesson , these were my findings on this matter , all your comments are welcome , I am not expert in SIOP but i think is useful to follow content you have and adapt it . I have selected The Iwo Jima Battle, History about II World War.

Lesson Preparation – History, Topic, Iwo Jima Battle.

Vocabulary building : War , Statue , Monument , Island , Memorial Day , Ground pole , Theodore Roosevelt , Postal Stamps , Pacific Island , Marines , sand

Objective: Narrate events in the correct order they occurred, Talk about past events pointing out specific dates. Talk about US painful history.

Grammar Competence. Use of Simple Past tense to indicate events occurred in an specific time in the past.

Building Background – Ask students what they know about II World War.

Comprehensible Input – Post in the board photos related to the Iwo Jima Battle Photos, Monument, Pictures, Flag etc. (See word file)

Lesson Delivery – Tell the story, but at the same time you explain the story, every event is supported with a printing or copy which is posted in the board at the same time events are narrated.

Strategies – Split class in groups of 3 and request them write briefly paragraph about what they know now about Iwo Jima Battle

Interaction – Students exchange input and one spokesperson brings output in the group.

Strategies – Bring now a copy of the complete story and students listen and complete missing words, play now audio.


Practice Aplication – Allow students discuss again with more details now about the complete reading part and all the information they can produce , one spokesperson bring info again to all class after they have discussed in groups .

Review Assessment. Ask individually what does he or she remember just with observe at least one of the pictures, you can evaluate now the Speaking and check if the student is now using the new vocab and the grammar competence.

Materials, Printing copies, Equipment able to play mp3 files.

I have included all materials, you will basically need only download and print .

The class will last between 1:40 – 2:00 Hours .

As I have mentioned before , I am not expert in SIOP , I am learning to use , but for sure , I have brought this class at least 5 times and really works , that is why I am sharing to all of you .

Feel free to comment, I am sure you will have another ways to improve this lesson, so let me know.

All my blessings on this journey.



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