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    The battle of iwo jima (19 february 26 march 1,945 ,or operation Detachment ,was a major bittle in which the Unted states Armed forces fought for and captured the island of capturing the entire island,including it ‘s three airfields.
    this month-long battle including some of the fiercest and bloodiest fighting of the war in the pacific of
    word war || .
    The imperial japanese Army positions on the island were heavily fortified whith a dense network of bunkers hidden artillery positions and 18 km 11 min of underground tunnelds.
    Iwo jima was also the only battle by the U.S marine corps in which the overall American casualties KILED AND WOUNDED ,exeeded those of the japanese ,although japanese soldierson IWO JIMA at the beginnina of the battle, only 216 of these were taken prisoner.some of these were captured because they had been knocked unconscious or
    otherwise disabled .the rest were killed or missing and presumed dead.
    Desposite the bloody fighting and severe casualties onboth sides ,the japanese defeat
    was assured from the start .the Americans possessed an overwhelming superiority in
    arms and numbers these factors ,coupled with the impossibility of japanese retreat
    or reinforcement ,ensured that there were no plausible circumstances in which the Americans could have lost the battle.

    Posted by Marisol | November 19, 2012, 3:02 pm

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