Confessions of English Learners


by: Moises Gonzalez from: El Salvador
09/24/2012 3:02 AM ReplyThanks VOA for this opportunity. This will be funny.
I am from El Salvador, Central America, my mother tongue is Spanish and this personal story of miscommunication comes from my first trip to United States.
I got a contract for 6 Months with Celebrity Cruises in 2001, then my second day on board Galaxy Vessel, after my shift has finished in the evening, I went back to my cabin and I began to place in order my personal matters inside the closet , one of my roommates from India asked me “Hey my friend , Do you want soap “ , I was very surprised and excited about the question , almost immediately and presuming about my understanding proficiency in English language I answered to the guy “ No , thanks , I ‘ m not hungry “, and suddenly all Indian guys meet in my cabin started to laugh loud , very loud , I stand up serious still wandering for myself “ Did I say something wrong “ .
After couple minutes the guy explained me that the question was about “ soap “ refers to the item for personal care , my misunderstanding was “ soup “ which refers about food , then my response was “ No , I am not hungry “ . It was so funny , Imagine , TEN years ago . I am getting old, Do you imagine that I am an English Teacher now? . No kidding.
Thanks VOA. I always enjoy and use your website with my students, greetings for everyone. Don’t give up with English language acquisition.



2 thoughts on “Confessions of English Learners

    • This week learn different thing new pages in the computers , the new pages is really interesting listening new vocabularies ,new grammars, I talked with my classmate for sky and guy his name is mike I practiced the listing in you tube and I created my email address and make the test , the test is very difficult but is very inserting I learned different things what I don’t know but now I know.

      Posted by elsy | January 15, 2014, 9:45 am

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