Teleperformance Visit

ITCA English Students at TP

ITCA English students visited Teleperformance facilites over Santa Tecla last Saturday,January 14th.

As part of the Eglish Language acquisition , ITCA organized a visit of a group of students to one of the most important Call Centers in the world, students were received with a very warm welcome and led by the Facilitate coordinator and Recruitment department through the building , students were explained how the hiring process woks and invited to be part of Teleperformance family .
Students really enjoyed this visit and felt inspired to apply to work at Teleperformance and push themselves to acelerate their English Language Learning and assist continously to English Class.
At the end of the tour , students enjoyed a snack Teperformance courtesy.

The visit which lasted one hour and a half was given completely in English .

ITCA Community wants to say thanks to Teleperformance staff to make this possible,this will contibute to ITCA and its students grow in the community .




3 thoughts on “Teleperformance Visit

  1. Hi everyone the saturday 14 January i went to visited Teleperformance company, the purpose was know how the people work and speak english very well.

    this day was amazing because had many people with more knwolege in english and the experience that day is unique because we know people who run company in another language without problems.

    teleperformance company is on main street San salvador, if you are in Itca Nec Building, you can go the Teleperformance Building just walking for fifteen minutes over the bridge and them cross the street, this place is specifically 100 to 200 meters before the overpass in front of Texaco station.

    This is the anecdote in Teleperformance Building.

    we visited the first level there are the recepcion,cafeteria, room relaxing,test area.
    In recepcion is recived the all people for diferences things, the security officer is bilingual, showing that English is not a taboo if you want to learn.In recepcion we were recived by Fernando Gonzales who showed us all the facilities and operations of the company, but my surprise was that Fernando Gonzales is my old friend because me and he studied in the Hispanoamerica Collage twelve years ago.
    About Room relaxing this place is just to relax working hard, there are many ways to relax for example play soccer table, ping pong, where you can to free the stress, but there are other room relax with rulers what you must follow.
    In the Second Level is the work areas where there are many people doing diferences activities, because the company provides diferences services,(Reservation Hotel,customer care, etc).
    Fernando Said Teleperformance has new opportunities for the people bacause the company has others projects in the near future.
    in the Second level is too are nursing, room relax overlooking city .
    on the third level is the history of the company with your values and its creator, in this place there are also cubicles with new opportunities in still progress.
    Fourth Level maybe is the best thing to come, because we can to see more cubicles, areas in progress, room in progress. After seeing all the building enjoyed a rich sandwich and returned to class

    was a wonderfull tour for the teleperformance company because this shows us, motives us to continue to learn english with more, practice, more knowledge and more listening, if you want to be equal to or better than these people who work at Teleperformance or another company
    this company has also committed to society and many values which seeks to improve knowledge by people for their customers.
    Thanks Teacher Moises for giving us these experiences that motivate us to continue to be competent and knowledgeable in English.
    F.Juan Carlos Urbina

    Posted by Jhan Carlos U | January 18, 2012, 11:40 pm
  2. hello everyone
    January 14 the group of teacher Gonzalez Visits teleperfomance. when we entered the building we were greeted with a warm welcome after we started a tour around the building starting with the cafeteria.then told us a little about all the achievements that had teleperfomance along the years.them continue touring the building and came to a place where many young people attending by phone in a very special. They certainly look very bien.seguimos climbing the stairs to the top floor of the building where the group could see a beautiful view of the city.
    touring the building and we could see some new offices. besides it was very tired of climbing stairs lol …but thank God we go down the elevator into two groups. when we all got off and we got back together again pass to the cafeteria get to the cafeteria gave us a delicious sandwich, wow We did not expect. at the end of the visit we had a nice group photo was wonderful and we are all very well. was a wonderful experience.
    thanks teacher moises.
    Carmely Guerrero.

    Posted by carmely guerrero | January 27, 2012, 9:11 pm
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